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Auction 2017
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We are thrilled to announce that, together, we have raised

Thank you!
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Did you know that between 2009-2016, HRI rescued 1,134 dogs? The average cost to rescue, 
rehab & rehome has risen $200 in the past year and is now $750. That's why your support is 
so important to HRI and the pups who depend on them. There's no better feeling than 
helping these beautiful dogs find welcoming homes where they can live happy, peaceful lives
 with people who are eager to return their unconditional love. Please consider donating an 
item to the auction and then bidding when we go live on Nov 11th. 
We can make a difference! 
We’re excited to announce that the 17th annual online auction to benefit Havanese Rescue Inc began at 9:00am (Eastern) Saturday, Nov 11th, 2017 and ends at 3:00pm (Eastern) Saturday, Nov 18th, 2017. 

What began as an experiment in 2001 became an annual tradition and was the first of its kind for our breed. By supporting the online auctions, Hav lovers everywhere have raised over $162,000 for the beloved, deserving pups of HRI. We hope you'll join us because the HRI volunteers can't do their fabulous work without our support.

Please take a moment to read the FAQs and if you have questions, feel free to drop me a line at junebaby51@gmail.com

Feel free to share this announcement and the site link far and wide.  Suggestions for donations are in the FAQs and we’re also working on creating an Amazon Wish List to offer other ideas for those wondering what they’d like to donate.   As always, thanks so much for your support! 

New item!
Each year, we find ourselves trying to collect overdue payments months after the auction ends. Since eTsy and most online resellers demand payment before processing an order, and some auction sites like eBay require payment within 2 days, we believe it’s fair to ask that your payment to HRI be received within 14 days after receipt of our payment request/notice of items you’ve won. If not received, we reserve the right to offer the item/s to the next higher bidder, though our desire is that everyone receive and enjoy the items they worked so hard to win, and HRI receive the higher bid amount from the original winner. 

How do I donate an item?
Send a description and picture(s) (or link to an online pic) to junebaby51@gmail.com  Please provide as complete a description as possible; size, color, type of fabric, washable or not, age appropriate, framed or unframed, and details that will help bidders decide whether they’d like to bid on the item.

May I donate a gently used item?
Absolutely! When you send the description, just mention that the item has been gently used.

Does the item have to be Havanese related?
No, in fact, it doesn’t have to be pet-related at all, the more variety we offer, the more successful the auction. We’ve featured dog toys, totes and treats, dog carriages, clothing, accessories and jewelry (for people & pets), artwork, pottery, books and music, children's toys and games, antiques, holiday decorations, small appliances, handbags, and more.  

Where should I send the item?
After the winners are announced and HRI receives their bid money, we’ll provide you with the winner’s name and address so you can mail the item directly to them.

I don’t want to let my item go unless the bid is high enough; is that ok?
Sure. Let me know what you’d like as the minimum bid and I’ll add a note to the description that says “Please start the bidding at $xx”. 

How do I bid on an item?
Click on the link for the item and it should open a pre-addressed email with the item/description already entered in the ‘subject’ line. Type in the amount you’d like to bid and your name (last name too) and send it!

If the link doesn’t work, can I send an email from my regular email program?
Sure. In addition to your name and bid, I need the Item # and first few words of the description. If you can copy the info from the website page and paste it into the subject line of the email (or type it in), that’s a great help : ) 

Can I combine all of the items I’m bidding on in one email?
Receiving lists of bids makes it more difficult to keep the auction process moving along efficiently for a number of reasons. If necessary, you can list your items in one email, but be sure to include the Item # and first few words of the description in your message.

Can I participate if I live outside of the USA?
Unfortunately, participation is open to US residents only. We remain grateful for the support of our Canadian and international friends, however, due to rising costs associated with international shipping, we made the difficult decision a few years ago to limit the event to US residents. We hope you'll find it in your hearts to continue supporting HRI in other ways, as you've done for many years. A Canadian friend suggested an alternative - if you have friends or family living in the US who are willing to receive the items on your behalf and then re-send them to you, that would work!!  

I’ll be without a computer during the last day(s) of the auction; can someone else bid for me?
Feel free to have someone else bid on your behalf. If you can’t find a bidding buddy, I’ll bid for you. Drop me a line with the items you’d like to bid on, the maximum amount you’d like to bid, and in what amount I should raise your bid (ie raise by $2, raise by $5, etc). Just know that in order to be fair to all, I absolutely never exceed your maximum bid so please don’t be upset with me if, in the end, someone else outbids you by a dollar or two.

Will you keep track of the items I’ve bid on, or should I?
By all means, please keep a notepad handy with the items you’re bidding on. If you lose track, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to check the spreadsheet to see which items are currently ‘yours’.
Frequently Asked Questions